Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Full home debut

Well here it is then, the beginning of a glorious generation of sparkling word smithery(I like to think that's a real phrase), content, insight and perception. That's the theory anyway. In reality, it is probably more likely to be a load of rambling rubbish that nobody agrees with, and makes me sound like an idiot, but there we are.

I was at a university open day in a talk about theology, when the lecturer mentioned that the 3 areas of study would be God, the world, and the self, which more or less covers everything, I think. And as quite an interested, if not interesting, person, all 3 of those things utterly fascinate me. Therefore, that shall be the subject of this blog.

I get that virtually nobody will read this, and quite rightly so, but on the slim chance that you do, enjoy it.
God bless


  1. Some people will think just a whole lot of dross but others like i will think it's pretty good and will like reading ths type of thing so i'd encourage you to carry on writing blogs.

  2. hello josh its rachel your blogs are funny