Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Trees: watch out for them

Before I get cracking on this return to the blogosphere, I would like to stress that I did not actually think up what is written in this blog, but paraphrased it from a theologian called FJ Sheed in his book 'Theology and Sanity', which was bought for me by a particularly wonderful person. But I think it's important enough, relevant enough, and accessible enough for it to be communicated in ways Mr. Sheed would probably have been all over.

So many people, and you may well be one of them, are not interested in God, and deciding whether He is real, and what He is like because they 'aren't into religion'. I'm afraid this is a very narrow and short sighted view.
Imagine you are sat in the passenger seat of a car (For any readers in S. Peters' year 13, imagine it's Joe's car), and you see that you are heading straight for a Tree. You call out to Joe (for this is what we shall call the driver from now) that he needs to swerve or he will hit It, but he answers 'It's no good talking to me about Trees; I'm a motorist, not a botanist'. Obviously, you would think Joe has gone utterly mad, and that he is carrying the rights of a specialist too far.
Well those who ignore God because they are not 'into religion' are making the exact same mistake as Joe. You see, the problem is that a Tree is not just a fact of botany: It is simply a fact.
In the same way, God is not just a fact of religion: He is simply a fact.
You don't ignore the Tree's presence just because botany bores you or turns you off, so to ignore God because religion does the same is pretty daft.

So look into it, and this website is an incredible place to start: It might even save you a hefty garage bill.

I might end up with a few blogs based on Sheed's book because it is absolutely stunning, so if fancy a look, you can read it all here:
I apologise to anyone who ever hears me preach, because I will probably use a fair bit of his stuff in it. I also apologise to Joe, I'm sure he is very very good at negotiating trees.

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