Monday, 9 January 2012

Funny thing, Infinity

I sit here with my laptop. The very same machine on which I have typed up every post on this blog. I haven't had it long, but long enough for my backspace key to feel a bit tired, and my space bar do sound more like a typewriter. And I think about what I might get next time I come to buy a laptop, and when that might be. The point is, this thing around which a large part of my life is based will be here for the blinking of an eye, and then it will be gone, and forgotten.

Let's zoom out to my life. 10 years after I die, will I be remembered? How about 50 years, or 100, or 1000? The answer is, probably not. And in the context of the whole world, it is fair to say that I am nothing more than a vapour, a tiny little blip on the radar of everything.

We zoom out a bit further. Jess has, on her wall, an old map of the world. It has the USSR on it, the Belgian Congo, Rhodesia and so on. These would have felt like mighty, massive states at the time, particularly to the people who lived there; like they were built to last, something to be relied on. History has said otherwise. They are gone. And one day, they will be forgotten.

Even the beautiful image that is the surface of the Earth hasn't always looked like this, and won't always do. They say it used to look like this:
And will one day look like this:

The Bible tells us that one day, the whole thing will cease to exist, and God will build a new one. 

So my question is, why put your trust in something that is here today, gone tomorrow? My laptop, qualifications, a good job, money, sex, drugs, rock 'n' roll, your country, your ideology, empty religion, mankind.
You can build your life around any of these things quite easily, but the life you build will come crashing down when they do. 

And after they are gone? One Thing remains. The kingdom of God. The only thing that can stand up to the test of infinity, and the only thing designed to have lives built around it.

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